> hmm, now that i\'m trying to program with register_globals=off, what
> is the new $HTTP_SESSION_VARS?

$HTTP_SESSION_VARS works, as will $_SESSION (after 4.1.0).  These
"special" PHP variables are described in the manual:


Some words specific to $_SESSION are available within here:


An excerpt:

Another neat trick is that creating new entries in the $_SESSION array
will automatically register them as session variables, as if you called
session_register(). This trick is limited to the session module only - for
example, setting new entries in $_ENV will *not* perform an implicit

> maybe there should be a page in the online manual describing these new 
> variables for easy reference after all, i can\'t find reference to
> them other than those on the changelog too.

The new vars will be listed and described in the manual eventually (fairly
soon).  For now, read the above release notes.

Philip Olson

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