Hi Todd,

Has Apache been restarted ton use the new libphp4.so? And if so, does it use
the correct one (you might have another one on your system)?
If Apache starts without probs, check the httpd.conf for php mime types.
What does Apache respond if you load your test script?


Todd Cary wrote:

> Coming from a Windows background, I am having difficulty understanding
> rpm's, compiling, and making packages.  My hope is that someone will
> have the patience to take me through the steps, since the HowTo's are
> out of date and do not address my current Red Hat 7.2 environment.
> With Red Hat 7.2 installed, Apache is installed along with PHP 4.0.6,
> however, Interbase is not installed   Here is what I have done so far:
> I did a "rpm -qa | grep php" and found the rpm that was
> installed.(php-4.0.6-7).  When I tried "rpm -e php-4.0.6-7", I received
> a list of php modules that were dependent on it.  So, I "erased" each of
> those and finally did the "rpm -e php-4.0.6-7".  Then I put
> php-4.0.6-7.src.rpm into /tmp and did a "rpm -i php-4.0.6-7.rpm" which
> put a tar'd file into /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES.
> I did "tar -xzvf /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/php-4.0.6pl1.tar.gz" which
> created a directory /tmp/php-4.0.6.  I cd'd into that directory and did
> a ./configure --with-interbase=/opt/interbase
> --with-apache=/usr/include/apache
> After quite a period, I received a "Thank you for using PHP" message.  I
> followed this with a "make" and a "make install".
> Now Apache does not respond to a "testphp.php" script that contains
> "phoinfo()" and it use to.
> What have I missed.........????
> Todd
> --
> Todd Cary
> Ariste Software

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