Brian -

That is correct: no longer exists (locate

I am not sure where the Apache source code exists with the default RH
7.2 intallation, or if it exists at all.  When I do

# rpm -qa | grep apache

I am told that apache-1.3.20-16 is loaded, however there are 4 or so
other applications dependent on it.  If I were to do a "rpm -e
apache-1.3.20-16" with the "ignore dependencies" directive, what will

Can I then get my Linux installation reconfigured so that
"/etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd start" will start Apache?  I have the
"apache-1.3.20-16.src.rpm" and I do know how to intall it and untar the
resulting file, but from there on I am lost when it comes to setting up
the "configure".

Sorry for such basic questions, but my Windows background is certainly a
liability - not a help!

Todd Cary
Ariste Software

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