You can achieve something like this by adding the following to your links bar:

javascript:void(srch=prompt('What are you looking 

(drag the current url to the links bar, and then right-click and select "properties", 
then paste the javascript in).

Hope that helps..

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> Subject: RE: [PHP] An idea for a PHP tool
> > Like google has it's toolbar, why not have a PHP Manual toolbar? That 
> > would be *great*. Just type in the function name and hit "go" and the 
> > manual comes up.
> You could probably work a bit of javascript magic in a bookmark to
> do the same thing.
> I've seen bookmarks that pop up a javascript input window and then
> use the input in the resulting URL. So, take the manual query via
> javascript input and then append it to the url.
> At least, I *think* I have :)
> J
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