Check tutorials at Thickbook, WebMonkey, DevShed, etc. and the manual.

Asking this question indicates you haven't taken the first critical step 

So I searched the php site for
1. "connect", 12 hits, including one explicitly for mysql.
2. "database", 12 hits, none for mysql, but close enough you'd get the idea.
3. "mysql" - The opening page of the MySQL section of the manual, including 
example code of how to connect and a listing of all the mysql functions and 
a brief explanation of each.

Queries to the list are better put in the form .... I tried to do this, ... 
received this error or results were unexpected, ... this is the code I am 

Alternately, you're at the installation stage. There is a whole section of 
the manual devoted to that, as well as guides to installation of PHP on the 
'net which contain specific installation instructions. Again, please try first.

Miles Thompson

At 10:36 AM 1/8/2002 +0100, Félix García Renedo wrote:
>     How could I configure php to access to a remote mysql database?

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