Hi -
        For one of my projects I need to pass around a bit of information
to all the pages.  The information is the same throughout and is the same
for groups of clients.  Right now I just pass it on the query string, but
it's getting cumbersome so I started looking into sessions and I see that
I can do the $SID thing on the query string... and for some reason that
reminded me that I've seen urls that look like this:

http:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/somepath.html

I've played around with it a little bit and it seems I can put whatever I
want in for 'user' and that I can change it and that it "sticks" around
for relative urls.  And it's in RFC 1738, but it doesn't say too much.

So my questions are these:

- how reliable is that syntax for passing data around?

- is there a reason PHP can't use that for storing $SID?



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