On Friday 18 January 2002 02:36, Floyd Baker wrote:

> The thing is, I *was* using GET in the refresh line and I guess I
> wasn't saying that.  Moreover I want to pass passwords in the same
> transfer but obviously letting them show up in the url is not cool...

If I understand you correctly you're trying to pass variables via the url 
(GET), and at the same via a form (POST)? If so, then I'm afraid that's 

> My question should be more like, how can one pass variables in a way
> that doesn't use a form but is still secure?

I'm presuming that you don't want to use a form because you need the META tag 
refresh thing. If by 'secure' you mean that it's not visible on the url then 
you *could* use a form. Just use a bit of Javascript to automatically submit 
the form.

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