On Friday 18 January 2002 04:11, Floyd Baker wrote:

> Yes.  I was using the url to pass variables without a form.
> It looks like the javascript idea would cover that now that you remind
> me.  I've used it before to refresh two frames at once.
> But even so I'd rather not go that way if at all possible.  I'd like
> to stay within php's ability.

Not being able to POST and GET is a 'limitation' of HTTP not PHP.

> Not knowing what I'm talking about for sure but is there no way of
> putting a variable into the 'post' status or condition, prior to being
> redirected, without actually using a form?

Only be using a form will you be able to POST.

> Thanks for the idea though.  It'll work if nothing else. :-)

Up to now we (I?) still don't know exactly what you're trying to do. Maybe if 
you could tell us what you're doing and if appropriate post some code, then 
we could see if there is another solution to your problem.

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