There is a utility called "daemonic" which is designed to deal with this 
as well, but works for more than just MySQL -- it's intended to be used 
for all server daemons.

It is Mac OS X-specific at this time, but according to the web site is 
designed for future compatibility with any operating system.  It can be 
installed via Fink ( very easily, and is in 
fact required by many Fink packages.

I must confess that I do not know much about it.


On Wednesday, January 16, 2002, at 08:01  PM, Richard Baskett wrote:

>  Although the
> MySQL warnings, I got those because MySQL does not automatically start 
> in
> OSX, if you know it's started then Im not sure, but if not.. go here to 
> get
> the autostart utility:

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