Ok, I did it through 

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/php3 --with-mysql

I didn't give the '--with' any directory argument
(and for the prefix, I din't create the directory
first). For the first try, it failed (said that
apx is broken). But after a couple retry, it
worked! Brb..I don't know what hapened behind the
scene (hope somebody could explain to me). 

Now that everything works fine (PHP, MySQL,
Apache), thanks folks for the helps! But still I
have a question:

I unpacked the tar.gz file into /home
directory. I thought that through the
--prefix argument, those files would go to

After instalation, I checked my /usr/local
directory and found no php3 sub directory
there. Where did those files
go? I'm asking this because I'm thinking of
deleting files under my /home/php-3.0.15
directory (I have to save my disk spaces).

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