hi juni,

 although i totally agree with the folks who recommended you compile php
from source, maybe it's time you sat down :)

 compiling apache, mysql and php from source can tax even the greatest
patience the first time it is tried. hopefully, here's a couple things to
think about.

 create a directory where you store _all_ your source for everything you
compile. lots of folks use /usr/src and i'll assume that here. now, download
all the source tarballs you need into that directory and expand them all in
there. this should create subdirectories for everything. ie,


 it's possible that you may need other packages. only you will now what is
used on your machine. do you use snmp with php? gd? do y'all also use perl
with apache?

 you'll want to read the documentation that comes with _each_ package you
are compiling. especially apache. they know about php. there is lots of good
info in there. there are also many sites out there with tutorials on getting
these all to compile together. you'll need to decide if you want to compile
php as a static or dynamic module. static seems to compile easier for some
folks, but dynamic means in the future you only need to recompile php to
upgrade it (as opposed to recompiling everything like you are about to do :)

 the first time you do this, it could take hours just getting it all squared
away, and that doesn't necessarily include compile time. after that, it
should only take you a few minutes each time.

 to answer the specific question about apache source, if we assume the
directories above, then you would use "../apache_1.3.22".

 i recommend writing down everything it took to get it all working so you
have it for next time. the configure string might look something like

 ./configure \
        --enable-track-vars \
        --with-mysql=/usr/local \
        --with-apache=/usr/src/apache_1.3.22 \
        --enable-trans-sid \
        --with-snmp \
        --with-ftp \

depending on what all you need from php.

hope this all helps,

on 1/18/02 12:09 PM, Juni Adi at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Ok, I'm now in the middle of installing it from
> source code. But I'm not sure where the path to
> apache and mysql source code to fill in :
> ./configure --with
> apache=/path/to/apache_source_code --with
> mysql=/path/to/mysql_source_code
> I 'm even not I have the source code for the
> two of them as I was instaling both apache and
> mysql from rpms.
> So, can you tell me to define the path for those
> apache and mysql  so I can make the PHP work along
> with apache and mysql as well? Or at least tell me
> what indicate a source code directory (what files
> are in). Maybe I can search it manually.

 -- mike cullerton   michaelc at cullerton dot com

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