At 11:12 AM 1/22/2002 +1100, Justin French wrote:
>Hi all,
>I've got into the habbit of pulling data out of a table something like this:
>   $id = $sql_myrow["id"];
>   $date = $sql_myrow["date"];
>Now, I reckon there must be a way of automating the task of making the
>$title var out of $sql_myrow["title"] etc etc for starters, which would
>really help on tables with lots of columns.

Personally I find it much easier to work with mysql_fetch_object().  In 
your scenario you are most likely setting $id = $sql_myrow["id"] because 
the former is easier to type and you're probably going to be referencing it 
more than once.  But if you use mysql_fetch_object() you may decide that 
you don't need to do that anymore.  For example:

while ($row = mysql_fetch_object($result)) {
   echo "$row->artist - $row->title<br>";

Much easier than

echo $row["artist"]." - ".$row["title"]."<br>";

>Then, it'd be great if I could automate this further to automaticaly to
>a stripslashes() on each var, then possibly nl2br() etc.

Just curious, but why are you having to stripslashes() on the data coming 
out of the database?  Do you have magic_quotes_runtime enabled on your server?

>In psuedo-code I guess it looks something like:
>while($sql_myrow = mysql_fetch_array($sql_result))
>   {
>   // we have an array of one row
>   <use a foreach loop to stripslashes() on each element of the array>
>   <use a foreach loop to nl2br() on each element of the array>
>   <use a foreach loop to take each element (eg $sql_myrow["id"]) and
>create a var ($id)>
>   }

This is untested, but should work:

while($sql_myrow = mysql_fetch_array($sql_result)) {
   foreach($sql_myrow as $key => $value) {

Basically the foreach loop goes through each index of $sql_myrow and 
creates a variable by that name, setting it equal to the value of the index 
after it's had it's slashes stripped and it's br's newlined. :-)

>Ultimately, I'd like to put this all into a function which I call that
>does it all in one hit, but I'll take that in a smaller step :)

The function Mr. Stancescu posted looks like it'll do the trick, with some 
modifications to perform the nl2br() and the stripslashes()...

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