Heh.  I got my first web development job back when pretty much anyone 
could hang a shingle outside their door and call themselves a web 
developer.  My company worked in a Linux/PHP/Perl/Oracle environment. 
While there I learned quite a bit about Perl and PHP and connecting both 
of them to Oracle, but you're quite right that none of the jobs out 
there these days advertise for OS skills of any sort.

I may end up moving out of the IT field altogether.  Things have been 
pretty tough.

Vincent Stoessel wrote:

> On another list that I am on someone made this very bold
> statement:
> "I've seen a lot of jobs for ColdFusion & Oracle or MS SQL server
> experience combinations.  Don't let anyone fool you, PHP/MySQL is not
> going to land you a job  [;)] "
> now, as someone that was making avery good living doing Linux based
> web application development last year and now among the jobless I am 
> beginning
> to question the validity of having all of my eggs in the LAMP  (linux 
> apache mysql php)
> basket.  I just recently built a NT4 to do some win based development 
> on. I still have
> not installed any development enviroment cause it just feels so alien. 
> Has anyone else
> out there feeling the pressure of going to the win32 side  to pay the 
> bills.
> Thoughts?

Richard S. Crawford

AIM:  Buffalo2K   ICQ: 11646404  Yahoo!: rscrawford

"It is only with the heart that we see rightly; what is essential is 
invisible to the eye."  --Antoine de Saint Exupery

"Push the button, Max!"

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