Robert J. Cissell wrote:

> Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever compiled an extensive point-by-point
> comparison of the advantages of LAMP vs. the other alternatives?  If not,
> I'd be interested in starting something along those lines.  That would be
> helpful to many people I think, so anyone who has ideas on what specifically
> to compare, ie learning curves, license fees, performance, etc, please email
> me with them, and we can put together a comprehensive document which will be
> beneficial to all of us.
> Robert

If you get something, please share it.  I suspect that pretty much 
anything you compile will be akin to a religious war no matter what, 
because once you get past licensing costs, everything else is fairly

"learning curve" is a huge one.  ANYONE can be up in a few days with 
ASP, CF, PHP, whatever.  And some people can be very proficient quickly
in each, but it depends on your background.  VB people will flock to 
ASP, C people will go to PHP, etc.  Each side claims 'learning curve'
benefits, and it's pretty much hogwash, imo - you can learn something 
easier if you're already familiar with something else that's similar.

You will most likely end up preaching to the choir.  :)

The eweek article from Oct 2000 showed PHP beating CF - PHP being about 
95% fast if I recall, and in price.  But the editors awarded CF 'top 
choice' because of 'ease of development'.  Personally, I'd skip the CF 
licensing and pay someone a bit more to learn PHP or Perl and have a 
better grasp on what they're doing ($=incentive) in most cases, but hey, 
  I'm not eweek.  CF must be *REALLY* easy to develop to justify that cost.

So, you can generally show LAMP to be faster and cheaper than most 
alternatives for *most* web projects (leaving aside the one "high-end" 
example someone would always throw in).  Faster and cheaper - 
anecdotally fewer stability issues.  Of course there's no 'scientific' 
proof (which MS would demand) so you're stuck with anecdotes - but there 
are hundreds of thousands of anecdotes of LAMP stability to choose from 
- I've got several if you want them.  :)

In the end it'll come down to religion and a price/performance argument, 
and religion will win more often than not (but hopefully that's changing!)

Michael Kimsal
PHP Training Courses

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