While I sure hope you are right, could you please try to send the message to this 
list only once (i.e. check your To: to make sure you aren't doubling up on the list 

  I might add to your comments the recent security problems with almost every one of 
M$ internet products - not that I'm complaining, it does generate some consulting 
business for me on the client side :)


>We're all in a good position right now.  The economy is beginning a strong
>rebound, the pretenders have been weeded out, and a lot of companies are now
>beginning to see both the technical AND financial benefits of open-source
>technology.  No buying licenses for server systems that provide less
>stability and a lot more fluff (draw your own conclusions from that :) ).
>Open source systems may require a little more configuration and actual
>effort to get off the ground, but if done right they will stay where you put
>them instead of crashing back down and validating Newton's law of gravity.
>Finding a LAMP job (or something including any of those components) will
>become easier as the positions become more plentiful.  Come March you'll see
>a noticeable change.  Please mark my words :)
>Mike Frazer
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