I started my HTML career back in the days when the newest MS Word-version
came with a "save as html"-function. I saved as HTML, read the code, and
learned by myself bit by bit. By the time I got my hands on HTML for
dummies, I realized I was no dummy after all :) But now, asking this, I feel
kinda dumb...

Its got to do with PHP, search engines, meta-tags and headers.

I am building my site like this:

- I have an index.php-file, that takes two variables, page and subpage. A
link on my site may look like this:
<a href="index.php?page=cars&subpage=ferrari"> (for instance)

Now, my index.php-file will do this: (basically)
                include($page . ".inc");

and my cars.inc will do this:

                include($subpage . ".inc");

Now. I would of course like for my site to be listed in the search engines,
and I wouldn't mind getting search hits on both cars and ferrari. But. Will
the web spiders and web crawlers ever follow a link like
index.php?page=cars&subpage=ferrari and will they ever index what they find
there, and, and, and, and...

Well... does anyone understand what I'm asking here? WOuld this be a good
way to build my site to ensure getting hits from search engines, or should I
do this some other way? Anyone know?

- Torkil

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