> Now. I would of course like for my site to be listed in the search engines,
> and I wouldn't mind getting search hits on both cars and ferrari. But. Will
> the web spiders and web crawlers ever follow a link like
> index.php?page=cars&subpage=ferrari and will they ever index what they find
> there, and, and, and, and...
> Well... does anyone understand what I'm asking here? WOuld this be a good
> way to build my site to ensure getting hits from search engines, or should I
> do this some other way? Anyone know?

To ensure that the search engines like you and your pages, you can
make your URLs appear more normal by doing something like this:

URL= http://you.com/index.php/cars/ferrari

Then... in your code you can access the additional data by looking
at the $PATH_INFO variable:


$pathitems = explode("/",$PATH_INFO);

$page = $pathitems[1];
$subpage = $pathitems[2];


Hope this helps,
Daniel J. Lashua

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