This will not work with PHP as a CGI.

Best regards,
Andrew Hill

> * and then Torkil Johnsen blurted....
> > Now. I would of course like for my site to be listed in the 
> search engines,
> > and I wouldn't mind getting search hits on both cars and 
> ferrari. But. Will
> > the web spiders and web crawlers ever follow a link like
> > index.php?page=cars&subpage=ferrari and will they ever index 
> what they find
> > there, and, and, and, and...
> Some will, some wont. The trick is to use something like this
> index.php/cars/ferrari using Apache's backward searching feature.
> Together with a very simple .htaccess you can fool Apache into looking
> for the dirctory 'ferrari' and when it doesn't find it look for the dir
> cars (php assigns these values to the vars $page and $subpage) and when
> it finally finds index.php you can feed it those vars and let it do its
> stuff.

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