Mostafa Al-Mallawani wrote:
> do you mean a mail server?

No, he means a program that maintains a list of subscribers and is able
to deliver efficiently invidividual messages to all of them at once.

I don't know any good mailing list programs for Windows, but if you can
use a Unix/Linux machine you may want to use qmail/ezmlm combination, it
is used by Yahoo eGroups because it is very good for highly scalable
mailing list servers.


> would the mail server of IIS handle this?

I am afraid not. Not because of IIS but because under Windows with PHP
you would have to relay on a SMTP server and SMTP is not very good for
handling messages with a large number of recipients. Injecting directly
the messages in the local mail queue with programs like sendmail and
qmail is much faster, but I'm afraid those programs are only available
for Unix/Linux like systems.

Manuel Lemos

> "Jason Wong" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> > On Monday 28 January 2002 14:23, Mostafa Al-Mallawani wrote:
> > > hi, does anyone know how to send mail to 19000 users using the mail()
> > > function, I need to create a mailing list of this number of users and
> > > looping on 19000 users takes up a heck of a lot of resources...any
> > > solutions? thanks.
> >
> > You're probably better off using a "real" mailing list system :)
> >
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