Read through the according rfc's. could match (else do a google search on
"rfc +mail" without parenthesis)
I didn't find anything about length limitation (but I didn't read it _very_
seriously) so I think it's theoretically not limited. But I could imagine
that (once more) theory and reality diverge so that some mail-servers _have_
limitations (due to memory issues or whatever - I'm not a specialist here as
I mentioned).
If you have a domainname with e-mail address supporting wildcards, just try
it out sending yourself one or two hundreds of mails. 190 loops shouldn't be

good luck
stefan rusterholz

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Subject: Re: [PHP] mailing to 19000 users

> > I have no experience with this stuff, but some thoughts
> > split the recipients up into groups of 100-1000 persons. put that group
> > recipients into bbc (all) so nobody will see the others mail address.
> And what about $bcc  length? Has it any length limitations?
> Valentin Petruchek (aki Zliy Pes)
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