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>On Monday 28 January 2002 14:27, you wrote:
>Please keep discussion on the list!

Sorry about that. I meant to..

>> >> //pull value from session file:
>> >> $page_views = $_SESSION['page_views'];
>> >
>> >No need for this, in fact this is what is preventing it from working! Once
>> >you've used session_register('var'), $var is available for use.
>> Still ng..  I've eliminated the line on each and both pages in turn
>> but still no improvement.  The count is going from 0 to 1 on the first
>> invoke, then from 1 to 3 after passed to the second page.  From there
>> on it falls apart, repeating 1 to 2 or 1 to 3 depending on the page.
>> The session file never sees a higher value once the initial 1 is
>> input.  It just keeps starting over from that same point.
>> >> print "<br>Return Page";
>> >> print "<br>Before increment = $page_views";
>> >>
>> >> //increment the counter:
>> >> $page_views++;
>> >> $page_views++;
>> >
>> >You're inc'ing $page_views twice, this is what makes you *think* the
>> > session is working when in fact it isn't!
>> >
>> >hth
>> The double increment was to give me a different count for the second
>> page just to tell where I was at any time.   I see the count go
>> 1-2-1-3-1-2-1-3-1-2 etc., as it passes back and forth.
>Ahh, but I thought that was what the "Send Page" and "Return Page" was for :)
>> But it's still not climbing.
>1) You could try reloading (F5 if using IE) the "Send Page", if sessions were 
>working you should see the counter counting.
>2) session.save_path = c:/tmp, I don't use PHP on Windows, but looking at the 
>other settings, paths for Windows systems are specified with a backslash. Try
>  session.save_path = c:\tmp

Refreshing was what I was doing in the original single page, but it
wasn't working.  I went to two pages to try and help show what was
going on.  Still reloading doesn't help.  Neither does the dos slash
reversal.  I thought that might be going to do it for a while, but
nothing.  :-<  

I only listed the *un* rem'ed lines of the ini session portion.  Is it
possible I need to remove a rem on one of those that were rem'ed?
It's a vanilla 'suggested' ini.   

Or maybe an error log I can look at?  Can such a report be created?  



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