On Mon, 28 Jan 2002 21:10:02 +0800, you wrote:

>On Monday 28 January 2002 20:52, Floyd Baker wrote:
>> On Mon, 28 Jan 2002 15:20:05 +0800, you wrote:
>> >On Monday 28 January 2002 14:27, you wrote:
>> >2) session.save_path = c:/tmp, I don't use PHP on Windows, but looking at
>> > the other settings, paths for Windows systems are specified with a
>> > backslash. Try
>> >
>> >  session.save_path = c:\tmp
>> Refreshing was what I was doing in the original single page, but it
>> wasn't working.  I went to two pages to try and help show what was
>> going on.  Still reloading doesn't help.  Neither does the dos slash
>> reversal.  I thought that might be going to do it for a while, but
>> nothing.  :-<
>But you *do* have a c:\tmp directory  ?
>This is where php will store the session info and if it doesn't find that 
>directory your sessions stuff wouldn't work.
>> I only listed the *un* rem'ed lines of the ini session portion.  Is it
>> possible I need to remove a rem on one of those that were rem'ed?
>> It's a vanilla 'suggested' ini.
>If it were the vanilla 'suggested' ini as per the standard php distribution 
>then it *should* work, as those are more or less the same settings that I use 
>myself (but under Linux).
>> Or maybe an error log I can look at?  Can such a report be created?
>Yes, in php.ini,
>log_errors = On
>error_log = c:\tmp\php-error.log
>Don't forget to restart your webserver or whatever.
>Jason Wong -> Gremlins Associates -> www.gremlins.com.hk

Yes I have a c:\tmp directory and I see the session being created in
it.  And the page_view value of 1 after the first increment.  The
editor wants to reload each time I hit the submit button after that
but the value does not increase beyond 1.  It is also the same session
each time.  No new sessions are being created. 

I have turned on the log and keep getting undefined_variables for
those two lines in each page that call $page_view before it's
incremented, unless I am engaging the $_SESSION call.  Then
$table_view becomes 1 and there are no errors.  But the incremented
value doesn't hold up. 

Almost like nothing is happening.., except the *editor* thinks there
is something going on when looking at the session file??  Like a one
is being loaded each time.  How could that be?  Or the original one is
staying even though an overwrite is being attempted.

Now I have uploaded these scripts to my isp and they do not work up
there either.  That is, using his ini, his php 4.0 with
register_globals on, etc.  Could you perhaps test these scripts on
your machine or create an 'accumulating' routine of your own that
works?   So I can see where the difference might be coming in?   



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