You've got an interesting mix of PHP and HTML questions, and some reading 
will be required.

At 01:56 AM 1/31/2002 +0100, Pafo wrote:
>How to start a cookie/how to delete a cookie and how to change/retrive
>information from it....

Search Netscape's site for something like "developer cookie". They 
originated the cookie spec. There are probably other sites out there which 
have tutorials on cookies.

Once you have that read and comprehended, then check the PHP manual on how 
cookies are set, starting with the set_cookie() function.

>How to start a session/how to delete a session and how to change/retrive
>information from it....
and there are a couple of articles out there on the net on how to use 
sessions which are a little more conversational.

>does php have application like asp??

Well, PHP is essentially an application like asp in that it parses a script 
which normally has a .php extension and either executes commands embedded 
within it or echoes HTML. The output from a PHP script is straight HTML.

Other than that, you had better re-phrase the question.

>sessions, can they be accessed from an asp script and the other way round?

No, they cannot. They are specific to PHP.


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