At 02:14 PM 1/31/2002 -0500, Michael Kimsal wrote:
>>>sessions, can they be accessed from an asp script and the other way round?
>>No, they cannot. They are specific to PHP.
>not directly, but an ASP script on the same domain should be able to read 
>the cookie storing the session ID, then pull the info out from a database 
>(if you're using a db backed to store the session info).
>Short answer is no - probably for the questioner's needs, but it's 
>possible it can be done in some unique situations.

Yes Michael, I didn't think differently enough about the nature of 
temporary, or session only, cookies. Of course, an ASP script should be 
able to sort through all the cookies for the same domain and dig out which 
one stores the session vars.

Cheers - Miles

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