Miles Thompson wrote:

>> 3rd
>> does php have application like asp??
> Well, PHP is essentially an application like asp in that it parses a 
> script which normally has a .php extension and either executes commands 
> embedded within it or echoes HTML. The output from a PHP script is 
> straight HTML.
> Other than that, you had better re-phrase the question.

I think he meant 'application()' - application-scope variables, like
session-scope variables.

The answer is 'no', but you can 'roll your own' functionality pretty 
easily if you need to.  Application variable were/are a big pain in the 
ASP world, ime, because people abuse them.  There's rarely MUCH data
you need to pass around globally and modify like that that wouldn't be 
better off in a database.

>> 4th
>> sessions, can they be accessed from an asp script and the other way 
>> round?
> No, they cannot. They are specific to PHP.

not directly, but an ASP script on the same domain should be able to 
read the cookie storing the session ID, then pull the info out from a 
database (if you're using a db backed to store the session info).

Short answer is no - probably for the questioner's needs, but it's 
possible it can be done in some unique situations.

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