G'day Martin,
I'm new to PHP too, and I'm working on the same sort of problem...

I had some success with something like this...
//location index stored in variable $n
//print("<br>Location chosen = Location $n"); //debugging

   case 0: $location = "http://www.xyz.com/";; break;
   case 1: $location = "http://www.zzz.com/manual/mod/";; break;
   case 2: $location = "http://abcd.com/manual/mod/mod_php4/";; break;
   case 3: $location = "http://something.com/Linux_Root/index.html";; break;
   case 4: $location = "http://www.hhh.com/manual/mod/mod_php4/";; break;
//$url = urlencode($location); //debugging
//print("<br>Location chosen = $url"); //debugging

header ("Location: $location"); /* Redirect browser
                                            to another web site */
exit;                 /* Make sure that code below does
//                         not get executed when redirecting*/

hope this helps
best regards

On Fri,  1 Feb 2002 08:44, you wrote:
> use: { header("location: new_full_url_here"); exit; }
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> From: Benjamin deRuyter [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Friday, February 01, 2002 9:42 AM
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> Subject: [PHP] redirection rather than include()
> This is a PHP newbie trying to figure something out.
> I am creating a web-app which begins with a login page and goes through the
> typical user/pass validation and upon success moves to a frameset where the
> application will run.  The action of the login form is act_login.php.  In
> that script I validate the user/pass and, upon validation, include() the
> frameset script.  However, I would rather redirect the browser to the
> frameset script.  In other words I want to progression to go like this...
> login form --> successful login (determined by act_login.php) --> redirect
> browser to app frameset
> This scenario is probably swimming in technicalities, and I'm probably just
> fine using the include() statement.  However, I guess my overall question
> is... is there a way to redirect the browser to a new URL (eg. php script)
> inside something as simple as an if/then statement?
> Thanks!

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