Hi Erica,

I feel your pain - I've been dealing with the same thing this week.  I 
finally got the compile to complete and the system up and running, but it 
was painful.  It seemed like everything was finished, but I've noticed high 
server loads (.8), trouble accessing web pages (I tested using wget and it 
had to try 6 times to get the page and kept reporting EOF in headers), and 
my MySQL server keeps reporting errors communicating with the web server, 
and dropped connections to the MySQL server.  Safe to say, something didn't 
work and I need to start over and pray for the best.

Have you gotten it to work properly?  If so, what files did you use and 
what steps did you take in the install?


At 11:24 PM 2/2/2002 -0800, Erica Douglass wrote:
>Forgive my grumpiness, but I've spent the last several hours trying to
>install GD, etc.
>Let's be honest. PHP needs built-in support for creating dynamic images. JSP
>already has this. Heck, you could even make it a configure option. As it
>stands now, you have to do the following:
>-- Install GD
>-- Install all of GD's numerous dependencies
>-- Install zlib
>-- Install freetype
>-- Install libttf
>THEN you have to compile PHP with all of the requisite options to enable GD
>here and Freetype there, and PHP often won't compile without specifying
>/path/to/various/options, so you have to dig around your system to find out
>where everything was installed. This results in a long and unwieldy
>configure statement which often does not work.
>PHP needs to have a simple configure option called --enable-dynamic-images
>or something similar. This should use built-in libraries that are downloaded
>with the PHP source to create PNG images. Images can then be created with
>standard PHP functions. This would be much more useful than relying on
>several third-party solutions which do not easily work with each other. This
>would also have the benefit of being more portable -- as I plan to release
>my code to several different people running different types of servers, I
>would like to minimize compatibility issues.
>If anyone has a better solution, feel free to email me. As it stands, I am
>very frustrated with this, and I haven't yet seen the light at the end of
>the tunnel.
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