Anybody interested in working on a PEAR module to interface PHP with
something like ImageMagick directly? I would love to see it. Maybe if I am
unemployed long enough soon I can work on it myself. Not that I really want
that to happen...

I think that might be the best solution for PHP's lack of image
functionality though...


> Hi Erica,
> I feel your pain - I've been dealing with the same thing this week.  I
> finally got the compile to complete and the system up and running, but it
> was painful.  It seemed like everything was finished, but I've noticed high
> server loads (.8), trouble accessing web pages (I tested using wget and it
> had to try 6 times to get the page and kept reporting EOF in headers), and
> my MySQL server keeps reporting errors communicating with the web server,
> and dropped connections to the MySQL server.  Safe to say, something didn't
> work and I need to start over and pray for the best.
> Have you gotten it to work properly?  If so, what files did you use and
> what steps did you take in the install?
> -Ed
> At 11:24 PM 2/2/2002 -0800, Erica Douglass wrote:
>> Forgive my grumpiness, but I've spent the last several hours trying to
>> install GD, etc.
>> Let's be honest. PHP needs built-in support for creating dynamic images. JSP
>> already has this. Heck, you could even make it a configure option. As it
>> stands now, you have to do the following:
>> -- Install GD
>> -- Install all of GD's numerous dependencies
>> -- Install zlib
>> -- Install freetype
>> -- Install libttf
>> THEN you have to compile PHP with all of the requisite options to enable GD
>> here and Freetype there, and PHP often won't compile without specifying
>> /path/to/various/options, so you have to dig around your system to find out
>> where everything was installed. This results in a long and unwieldy
>> configure statement which often does not work.
>> PHP needs to have a simple configure option called --enable-dynamic-images
>> or something similar. This should use built-in libraries that are downloaded
>> with the PHP source to create PNG images. Images can then be created with
>> standard PHP functions. This would be much more useful than relying on
>> several third-party solutions which do not easily work with each other. This
>> would also have the benefit of being more portable -- as I plan to release
>> my code to several different people running different types of servers, I
>> would like to minimize compatibility issues.
>> If anyone has a better solution, feel free to email me. As it stands, I am
>> very frustrated with this, and I haven't yet seen the light at the end of
>> the tunnel.
>> Thanks,
>> Erica
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