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> Christian Stocker wrote:
>>>see (which is how I labelled it above) and what I'm capable of actually
>>>Doing C-code PHP extensions is beyond my capabilities, so I make do
>>>with what others contribute.  Simply because something is opensource
>>>doesn't mean everyone has equal talent to add in actual code.  :( I
>>>thank you for your contribution of this code so far, and should you
>>>continue to work on it in whatever fashion you choose, so much the
>>>better.  It is appreciated, OO or not (it would just be appreciated
>>>more if it was OO.)  :)
>> i would it appreciate as well, if it was OO. I was just not capable
>> back then to do it OO, maybe i am the next time I invest more time in
>> it.
>> christian
> FWIW, I re-evaluated the situation, and I think I was mistaken- it's not
> a PHP exension you're writing, is it?  It's just PHP code, like much of
> PEAR right?  Or is it an actual extension that I'd compile in?

it's an actual extension, which has to be compiled in.


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