Hi Andy,

I was just reading your message, do I see that you send an array with a
Like <input name="glacier[x]"> ?
I just wanted you to know that using brackets [] is not allowed in the
html-name attribute! Your html-page will not validate :(

The sollution is sending al your vars as simple vars (no array) and collect
them with HTTP_GET_VARS[] or HTTP_POST_VARS[], php-variables.

Maybe this will also be a sollution for your problem... just take a look
from another point of view :)


"Andy" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi there,
> I have a tricky array question.
> My app is passing via post a array variable called glacier. Now I am
> checking for the content
> of this array. Because there are more of those arrays, I am getting all
> names out of a db.
> How is it possible to get the value and keep the name of the array
> e.g:
> Array name passed by post is:                                 $glacier //
> contains e.g. $glacier[0] = testname
> Array with category names coming out of db is:   $category // contains
> $category[0] = glacier
>  echo $categories[0]; // returns glacier
>  echo $glacier[0];      // returns testname
> I tryed $categories[0][0] but it returns only the first letter of glacier
> (g)
> Any ideas??
> Thanx, Andy

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