On Wednesday, February 13, 2002, at 09:53  AM, Rick Emery wrote:

> try:
> header("Location:
> domain.com/errorpage.php?errorcode=".urlencode($errorcode));

I tried that, and it didn't work.  But it does raise a question, which 
I'll ask in a minute.  I also tried doing
$errorcode = basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']);
$errorcode = urlencode($errorcode);
header("Location: http://domain.com/errorpage.php?errorcode=$errorcode";);

Which also didn't work.

My question is unrelated to my problem, simply for my own edification:  
Can you break out of a quoted string and use the dot to concatenate a 
variable in the way that you did in your example?  I didn't know that 
was allowed -- I suppose the "header()" function is simply taking a 
string as an argument ("Location: n"), but can we do this kind of string 
manipulation within a function's arguments?  I'm not trying to question 
you, only to tie up a loose end.

Back to the subject at hand, I am sorry to report that header() is not 
passing along the querystring.



Erik Price
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Media Lab, H.H. Brown

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