This is frustrating, because I have used header("location") with parameters
and it has worked.

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On Wednesday, February 13, 2002, at 10:37  AM, Rick Emery wrote:

> What error did you receive?  What was displayed?  Please show your 
> code; I
> hope there was no line break as shown below.  Unfortunately, my mail 
> client
> breaks lines after about 40 cchars.

Well, to post the actual code would be quite difficult, as there is a 
mess of includefiles involved.  Basically, I received no error -- just 
that when I use the header() function and include a querystring in the 
argument to header(), there is no querystring in the URL of the next 
page.  Someone who is familiar with the low-level nuts and bolts of the 
PHP engine should know whether or not querystrings are even valid in the 
header() function.

for example: 'header("Location:";)'
Next page's URL:  ''

Can any of the PHP development lurkers on this list comment on this?

> I agree with you that it is handled as any string.

You mean that I am correct?  Or that you think I should be correct?  
(not trying to sound insolent, just trying to nail down what's being 
said ;)

Thanks Rick



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