What do you mean : "session persist"?
Whe you close the browser the file(the most common case) is not deleted till the 
session expires.
So if the expire time is 30 min it will stay in the /tmp for minimum 30 mins(the 
session garbage collector is not started on
every request). The cookie which is the session_id(PHPSESSID) is set to be valid till 
the browser is closed. After browser closing
it is no valid for the browser.

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Andre Hristov

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From: "Rodrigo Peres" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2002 7:25 PM
Subject: [PHP] session problem

> Hi list,
> I've made this script in order to solve the problem with reload button that
> I've posted. My idea is to register in a session the id, them check if it
> exists, if so don't insert again. But even if I quit the browser the session
> persists. Why?? ps: this is an include in the main page where I use
> session_start();
> if(!$visita) {
>     $visita = array();
> }
> if(!in_array($celebID,$visita)) {
>     $sql_log = "INSERT INTO log_hits
> (logID,log_date,log_ip,log_referrer,log_celeb,log_url)
>     $query_log = new Query($conexao);
>     $query_log->executa($sql_log);
>     array_push($visita,$celebID);
>     session_register('visita');
> }
> Thank's
> Rodrigo
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