The message means that that your script produced some output before the
session_start. You have to use session_start before any output. The message
shows where the output was started (line 9 of the given file).  Sometimes
output is started accidentally by having a blank space before your <?php


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From: "Torkil Johnsen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Monday, April 15, 2002 2:07 AM
Subject: [PHP] Session problem

> I get this errormessage when trying to make my logon work:
> Warning: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent
> (output started at /path/to/my/little/ in
> /path/to/my/little/ on line 10
> line 10 contains: session_start();
> It does however seem like I am "logged in", becase at the bottom of my
> my logout button is appearing. (which it is only supposed to do if
> "session_is_registered(session_id)"
> When clickign the logout button I get this message:
> Warning: Trying to destroy uninitialized session in
> /path/to/my/little/ on line 37
> Where line 37 says:    session_destroy();
> Anyone...?
> Anyone have any links to any really good php session examples? I have read
> quite a few of them now...
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