Sign me up, too!  I'd love to help with any site that promotes good beer! =)

Perhaps we start a database of pubs/bars and they can be browsed from a 
map, or a user can search for bars by name/location/rating(maybe), and they 
can also search by beers on tap.  Sounds like quite a fun project to me!


At 04:08 PM 2/15/2002 -0600, Gonzalez, Zara E wrote:
>I'd love a site like this. Let's do it quick before I go off traveling in May
>(so I can find some great pubs to visit ;)
>Seriously though, I haven't done much with GD (nor do I have a great deal of
>freetime) but I'd be willing to help out as much as I could on this project if
>anyone is serious about it.
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>I didn't intend to start a beer discussion, but last Friday Arik was asking
>for a project to do, and I was just reminding him of my suggestion.
>If I can work the bugs out of my image code, I might just put up a site
>where php people can input their local brewery/pub/whatever and see the
>results worldwide.  It would certainly show the scope and level of
>penetration of php.  Anyone out there know much about the
>imagecreatefromjpeg() function?

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