> But very many commercial sites, including Apple and Amazon to name two,
> do exactly this.  When you re-enter the site they 'remember' who you are
> using a cookie.  In my case, I'm building a multi-player strategy game
> and while I want the players to go through an initial briefing the first
> time they ever join the game, thereafter they should be able to get
> straight into the game if they are still using the same PC.  But as I
> said, the specifics of my use aren't so important - lots of sites leave
> permanent cookies around and the results don't seem to be catastrophic.
> The question is still: how to do it?

If each user has a unique user id, then make a table called seen_briefing:

create table seen_briefing (
  id int(11) unsigned not null default '0',
  primary key (id)

Make an entry once a user has seen whatever they need to. Then, on their
next login, do a join against the seen_briefing table, check for an entry...

Greg Donald

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