> I am trying to develop a music scheduling system on Windows using the
> command line to fire off WinAMP.  The first exec works fine, then it
> stops
> and says that program execution time has been exceeded.
> An example would be:
> exec ("winamp.exe M000001.mp3");
> a while loop kicks off the second.  I tried to send the output to null
> winamp.exe >null or nul and no luck.  Anyone else try this on Windows?

Sounds interesting.
I take it that it is the PHP script that stops (not the winamp player)!? Looks like 
you are running into
problems with the script execution time limit. Herewith a couple of theories:

1 what happens if you specify that the winamp is to run in its own cmd shell - will 
control return to PHP
2 if the problem is time-out, and you can only play one .mp3 at a time, so looping to 
'the next' must be
dependent upon the preceding track finishing first, what happens if you adjust the 
set_time_limit to 0/no limit?


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