Your browser probably timed out. Try using flush() after the echo in the 
loop. You may also encounter PHP timeout - take a look at 
set_time_limit() if you bump into that.

What I don't understand is why you received no mail - are you sure your 
mail() syntax is correct? You should try a third test:
(1) Change the loop condition so it only loops once;
(2) Use the uncommented mail() version;

See if you get any mail / error messages...



Anthony Rodriguez wrote:

> I''ve a php script that gets e-mail addresses from a MySQL db and then 
> using the mail() sends the same message to 100+ recipients.
> I tested the script twice.
> (1) I commented out the mail() routine.
> (2) I looped to get the e-mail addresses.
> (3) I echoed the e-mail addresses on the screen.
> It worked fine (displayed 136 e-mail addresses) and fast!
> (1) I uncommented out the mail() routine.
> (2) I used my own e-mail address as the recipient in the mail().
> It was supposed to loop to get the e-mail addresses, display them on 
> the screen, and send me an e-mail every time (136 times).
> It loaded very slow (loading indicator). Finally it displayed "url not 
> found" with the name of the script file. And, I got no e-mails.
> Is there a conflict between php mail() and the mail server when 
> multiple e-mails are involved?
> Thanks!
> Anthony F. Rodriguez

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