Dear Anthony,

[I've put this back on the list, because others know far more about *nix and email 
than I do]

BTW: people will respond more readily if you include a reassurance that you are 
emailing a 'membership' list or
its some sort of client opt-in situation - not spamming!

> Thank you for your reply!
> 1 - The host server runs Apache under Unix.  My computer (where I call the
> scripts to be executed by the server) is Windows 98.

There are differences between the handling of email on a *nix server (cf a Windows 
box). Regardless of your
Win98 client, the server is Unix and that's what's important.

In the php.ini file [mail function], do you have the sendmail_path set correctly? I 
assume you do, because of
what you have said elsewhere, but just for info, what does it look like?

> 2 - Yes. The script works if the # of e-mails is small.

Do you know which email server package is in use? - again, just for info.

> 3 - No.  The loop gets one e-mail address and sends the e-mail message one
> at a time.

Throw in an EXIT; immediately before the end of the loop, and see if you can get the 
first msg out!

I've re-read your first msg, and the "URL not found" part. Are you sure there's no 
server error, or typo
involved? I must admit I was expecting to see a time limit exceeded message!

Because you are using Unix, you should assign the result of the mail() call somewhere, 
and inspect it - you may
be getting back some illuminating errmsg from the email server interface.

It may be that you are overloading the PHP mail() to sendmail interface with rapid 
looping - others with
practical experience should comment here. There are a couple of strategies.

Hope we're getting closer to a solution!

> Here's a copy:
> <?php
> $connection=mysql_connect("localhost","wagner","xxx") or die ("No
> connection!");
> $db=mysql_select_db("sbwresearch_com",$connection) or die ("No database!");
> $message="Dear consumer,\n ... etc ...\n";
> $qry_1="select e_mail from con_inf";
> $result_1=mysql_query($qry_1,$connection) or die ("No query # 1!");
> while ($row_1=mysql_fetch_array($result_1, MYSQL_ASSOC))
> {
> $e_mail=$row_1["e_mail"];
> mail("$e_mail",
>       "News from SBW Research",
>       "$message",
>       "From:SBW Research <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>\n");
> echo "$e_mail<br>";
> };
> mysql_free_result($result_1);
> mysql_close($connection);
> exit;
> ?>
> Thanks!
> Anthony Rodriguez

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