Wm wrote:
> hi.
> wondering if anybody has any insight into this.
> i have written some PHP scripts that work every single time under http.
> under https (we have a valid security certificate) they work every
> single time on IE on mac and on NN on mac and pc.
> on IE on pc a "this page cannot be displayed" error (with possible
> reasons like your browser needs to be set to accept SSL2 and SSL3 [it is
> by the way]) is generated half of the time. the other half it works.
> again, it works every time under http.
> i have spent literally 10 hours trying to error trap. there is no
> pattern whatsover. the exact same data being posted will produce an
> error half of the time and will work the other half.
> i'm assuming then that this must be some server side config problem???
> does anybody have any ideas as to the solution for this?
> it's killing me.

We've worked with this several times - it's an issue with IE under 
Windows.  The claim is that it only affect 'high security' (SGP or 
something) but my own experience is that it's always affected.  IE
just won't work right with SSL if the web server isn't IIS.  You pretty 
much have no choice but to live with it or move to IIS as a server platform.

Michael Kimsal

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