hi. i actually found some info at
in case anybody in interested. this problem can be fixed.

J Smith wrote:

> Sourceforge has a bit on this, too. Basically, they have a checkbox that
> lets you drop out of SSL after you login, so your username and password
> aren't sent over the wire in plaintext. However, after that, everything is
> plaintext, no SSL at all. Useful if you want to keep your password safe
> during transmission, but it sucks that everything can't be encrypted.
> I haven't had any problems yet myself, but I've included that option in the
> stuff I work on just in case. I'm using apache 1.3.22, PHP 4.1.1 and
> mod_ssl 1.3.22. Seems to work so far, at least. (Although getting Konqueror
> to work it under KDE 2.2.2 is another story...)
> J
> Michael Kimsal wrote:
> > Wm wrote:
> >
> >
> > We've worked with this several times - it's an issue with IE under
> > Windows.  The claim is that it only affect 'high security' (SGP or
> > something) but my own experience is that it's always affected.  IE
> > just won't work right with SSL if the web server isn't IIS.  You pretty
> > much have no choice but to live with it or move to IIS as a server
> > platform.
> >
> >
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