hi all,

One of the binarycloud developers just told me to have a look at the SAP OS
database, SAPDB.

I'm going to test it tomorrow to see if it actually does what it claims, but
this _looks_ like serious OS competition to Oracle, and if it is I would
very much like to use it for my next project.

So, question:

Has anyone used SAPDB with PHP? If so, experiences? And if not, are there
plans for drivers? I looked in the manual and I didn't see any mention of

Oh, and I just found a mention of PHP on the SAPDB site. Looks like the
connection is over ODBC, which I really _really_ dislike... are there plans
for anything native? like a sapdb_connect :)?

In any case I think this database has a _HUGE_ amount of potential and PHP
would benefit if access to SAPDB was possible.

please e-mail me directly as I am not subscribed to the NGs:




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