alex black wrote:
> hi all,
> One of the binarycloud developers just told me to have a look at the SAP OS
> database, SAPDB.

SAP DB is just another name for AdabasD from a programmers point of view-

> I'm going to test it tomorrow to see if it actually does what it claims, but
> this _looks_ like serious OS competition to Oracle, and if it is I would
> very much like to use it for my next project.
> So, question:
> Has anyone used SAPDB with PHP? If so, experiences? And if not, are there
> plans for drivers? I looked in the manual and I didn't see any mention of

> Oh, and I just found a mention of PHP on the SAPDB site. Looks like the
> connection is over ODBC, which I really _really_ dislike... are there plans
> for anything native? like a sapdb_connect :)?

from the link mentinoned above:

" In addition to normal ODBC support, the Unified ODBC functions in PHP allow
   you to access several databases that have borrowed the semantics of the ODBC
   API to implement their own API. Instead of maintaining multiple database
   drivers that were all nearly identical, these drivers have been unified
   into a single set of ODBC functions."

so the call interface to AdabasD/SapDB looks like ODBC, but you have
direct access to the database using PHP, you don't have to deal with
ODBC driver management and all the stuff if you don't want you

> In any case I think this database has a _HUGE_ amount of potential and PHP
> would benefit if access to SAPDB was possible.

as said above: it is all there ... just the documentation could need
a little update ...

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