> SAP DB is just another name for AdabasD from a programmers point of view-

Ah, cool.

> http://www.php.net/manual/en/ref.odbc.php

Well, yes.

> " In addition to normal ODBC support, the Unified ODBC functions in PHP allow
>  you to access several databases that have borrowed the semantics of the ODBC
>  API to implement their own API. Instead of maintaining multiple database
>  drivers that were all nearly identical, these drivers have been unified
>  into a single set of ODBC functions."
> so the call interface to AdabasD/SapDB looks like ODBC, but you have
> direct access to the database using PHP, you don't have to deal with
> ODBC driver management and all the stuff if you don't want you



> as said above: it is all there ... just the documentation could need
> a little update ...

Yes, As I didn't know that SAPDB = AdabasD  I was unaware...

In any case you have made my day, thank you :)

All on bc-dev... hehehehe, + excellent +.

and Mike, I'm going to use this. (as I suspect you will as well)


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