Is your ISP running Apache?  If so, they should allow you to create a 
.htaccess file.  You can set all of PHP's ini parameters from there with 
the php_value/php_flag directives in PHP 4 or (in)directly using PHP 3. 
Like this:

# PHP 4
php_flag magic_quotes_gpc on

# PHP 3
php3_magic_quotes_gpc on

Note, not only must you be allowed to use .htaccess files, but Apache 
needs to be configured with AllowOverride All.


Tim Thorburn wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to activate magic_quotes_gpc on a server running PHP 
> 3.0.16 without the php.ini settings being physically altered?
> I ask became my hosting company is hesitant to activate it for some 
> unknown reason - however without it I cannot enter information into a 
> database for a content management system I'm working on.
> Thanks
> -Tim

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