Hi all,

I have a quetion on magic_quotes_gpc.
The php.ini file on my test servers shows that magic_quotes_gpc=On.
The php.ini file on the production server shows that magic_quotes_gpc=Off. ==> I know 
this is a strange thing:-(  

So you guess what happened: all the scripts I have don't function well. All input 
fields got escaped in the test environment but don't get escaped in the real 
environment. So when I input the name o'brien you gueass what happens.

My Q: Is there a way to set the value for magic_quotes_gpc ?? Or is there another 
solution. Or should I adjust all my scripts and use addslashes/stripslashes each time 
I put something into mysql databaseor retrieve something from the db.

I searched the manual but I could only find info about retrieving the value of 
get_magic_quotes_gpc and stuff about setting the value for set_magic_quotes, but there 
is no such a thing for set_magic_quotes_gpc.

Any help on this would be largelly appreciated!

Wilbert Enserink

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