I too am struggling with a similar problem.  I've poured over
and looking for application frameworks for PHP that have this
functionality in them.  The only thing I've found of note is Alex Black and
his crew over at  This looks to be a great framework
but it looks to be so complex that I'll spend most of my time worrying about
how to setup and configure the framework properly instead of working on
coding my actual application. (Sorry Alex, I know you read this and I
_REALLY_ respect the work you guys are doing...but it's going to take a
masters degree in CS to get an app up and running.)

In the end I just decided to roll my own.  I write my apps so that each page
is an object subclassed from the root of HTMLPage.  One property of the
class is user group. (ADMIN, MEMBER, etc)  The parent class' init checks
this property against the current user stored in the session object.  If the
current user in the session is not a member of the proper group then they
are redirected to the default redirect. (another property of the page)

It's not real elegant but it does work. If you find something out there that
works and can be easily implemented, please share.

* Cal Evans
* Journeyman Programmer
* Techno-Mage

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Subject: [PHP] intranet security

I am currently building an intranet security system to handle internal
users and the web applications we have.

When we are done we will have the ability to add/remove users, control
what apps they can and can't see, etc.  One thing I would like to be able
to do is set up groups and have the ability to assign multiple groups to a

Say you have these groups:  Admin, Developer, Read-Only and I want to
assign Scott to Admin and Developer.  Then also be able to control rights
on a user level.

Can someone point me to some links or let me know how you handled these
situations.  I have a rough draft here, but would like to see what others
are doing to handle these issues.




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