As far as I know, you can't name different checkboxes with the same name 
(seems odd to me to do this anyway...).  When you submit a form to a php 
page, the php page will have a variable for each input item in your 
form.  So if you have checkbox items named, "a", "b", "c", and "d", and 
submit a form with "a" and "c" checked, then the values of $a and $c will 
be "on", and $b and $d will have no values.  It's sometimes good to use the 
isset() function on checkbox items.  In this case, isset($a) would return 1 
and isset($b) would return 0.  Hope that helps.


At 10:07 PM 3/2/2002 -0700, Ben Turner wrote:
>Don't checkboxes, if you name them all the same name, produce a comma 
>delimited string in php of the values selected???
>such as for 15 checkboxes with numeric values would produce a string such 
>when the form was submited??  This is the way it was handled in ASP... is 
>there something different for PHP?

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