The form i am filling with the checkboxes has several checkbox options that
someone can select subscription types.  The sub types are all generated from
a result set so that the form can grow or shrink by what is in the database
and not by what is on the html code.... Trying to accomplish this with hand
off maintenace.  When a new option becomes available, add the option to the
db and all the work is done.  the php and the html code doesnt need to be
modified at all....

Oh I hope this can be accomplished....

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> As far as I know, you can't name different checkboxes with the same name
> (seems odd to me to do this anyway...).  When you submit a form to a php
> page, the php page will have a variable for each input item in your
> form.  So if you have checkbox items named, "a", "b", "c", and "d", and
> submit a form with "a" and "c" checked, then the values of $a and $c will
> be "on", and $b and $d will have no values.  It's sometimes good to use
> isset() function on checkbox items.  In this case, isset($a) would return
> and isset($b) would return 0.  Hope that helps.
> Jeff
> At 10:07 PM 3/2/2002 -0700, Ben Turner wrote:
> >Don't checkboxes, if you name them all the same name, produce a comma
> >delimited string in php of the values selected???
> >
> >such as for 15 checkboxes with numeric values would produce a string such
> >as....
> >
> >,,,,,,,13,,,,14,,,18
> >
> >when the form was submited??  This is the way it was handled in ASP... is
> >there something different for PHP?
> >
> >thanks!
> >Ben

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