Which version of PHP?  I just tested it and it works just fine for me.
How exactly do you know the script is not finishing?  Try a test like


    $fp = fopen('/tmp/test','w');
    for($i=0; $i<30; $i++) {
        echo "Line $i<br>\n";
        fputs($fp,"Line $i\n");

Load up this file.  You should see it start writing lines to your browser.
If you hit the stop button and break the connection with your server you
will of course stop seeing the output from the script, but if you do a
"tail -f /tmp/test" you should be able to see that the script is indeed
still running as it keeps writing line numbers to this file.

Or did you perhaps think that turning on ignore_user_abort would prevent
the user from disconnecting from the server??  There is absolutely no way
to do that.  He could simply pull his network cable, have a power failure,
get frustrated and chuck his computer out the window...  We don't have a
PHP function that can prevent this.


On Sun, 3 Mar 2002, Paul Roberts wrote:

> hi
> I have a host with ignore_user_abort turned off in php ini.
> the man says
> int ignore_user_abort ( [int setting])
> so far i have tried 1 and true for the int setting but nothing changed, it still 
> I want it so the script finishes even the browser conection is lost.
> anyone know what i should use for int setting
> the man is not clear on this.
> Paul Roberts
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